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December 2019

Dear Friends,

On behalf of Mimi Komos, April Strader Bullin, and myself, welcome to the Spring 2020 semester of Lifelong Learning courses. As we roll on into a decade that once seemed unfathomably distant, our roster of classes will help us keep our bearings, grow our horizons, and perceive our world more clearly.

On Saturday, January 18, at 7:00 p.m., you’ll have a chance to hear a quick overview of our offerings as our teachers give brief panel presentations at Bookmarks. We do our best to make it hard for you to decide what to take – you may just have to register for all of them! The diverse range of what we are able to offer through the good graces and energy of Wake Forest faculty is astonishing. In the arts alone – you could group four courses under that heading perhaps – the topics range from Florence to Reynolda, from North Carolina to Africa, and not just Africa but the influence of African art across the globe.

2020 is a significant year in US political life, and we’re pleased to offer a special lecture on Tuesday, February 18, at 7:00 p.m. This falls right in the middle of primary season, and one of Wake Forest’s experts on American political process will offer a lecture titled “Is This the Best Way to Elect a President?” John Dinan is Professor of Politics and has published widely on the US Constitution and form of government.

But that’s not the only reason 2020 is an important year. It’s also the 250th Anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. Festivals are coming all across the US, Europe, and the world, and Winston-Salem is no exception. Your Lifelong Learning Program will be collaborating on various events and we hope you will watch for updates as the year goes along.

Finally, we want to recognize participants who have taken at least one course every year since this program was founded in 2014. They will be identified by their “golden” name tags. Introduce yourself if you don’t already know them. They’ll be full of stories and wisdom.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you.

Tom Frank
Program Director

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