Online Resources

We want adult learners across our community and beyond to be aware of Wake Forest’s online resources for learning and life, supplementing what we offer through in-person classes in Liberal Arts Studies and Lifelong Learning. Especially during this time of physical distancing, our online connections are important to our well-being. To help with this effort, we have provided a variety of opportunities that are available to you through Wake Forest.

The Continuing Studies Office does not have detailed information on everything you will find on these campus resource pages, so we encourage you to reach out to that office or department for details.

Helping Ourselves and Others

In a time of global crisis, we need to take care of our own well-being, and do whatever we can to help others — in our families, organizations, and communities.

Taking Care of You: Well-Being and Practical Concerns

Resources on a variety of ways to help you maintain your sense of well-being, as we all learn to adjust to working and living in a world of physical distancing.

Thrive Remotely

Serving Others in a Time of Need

Follow this Office of Civic & Community Engagement link for getting involved with the local community virtually and serving those who are experiencing loss.

Virtual Engagement

MOVE with Christina Soriano and her team

Short, seated movement warm ups for all to enjoy.


COVID-19’s impact on our lives

Education & Professional Development

Wake Forest offers a wealth of resources for your continued growth in learning and in sound preparation for your work, whether income-earning, personal interests, or volunteering.


Please look here for opportunities to learn more from Wake Forest faculty and visitors.

Lectures & Speeches

Professional Development

Whether or not you are a Wake Forest alum, the following are helpful resources in your professional development. Insight and information that can shift the way you think and navigate your career.

LEARN with @LifeAfterWake