Liberal Arts Studies offers a variety of options for completing your degree. Capstone Projects may be completed with one 3-hour course (LBS 790). The project options range from academic research to onsite experience. Writing a thesis – the traditional longer research paper for completing master’s degree – requires two 3-hour courses (LBS 791/792) and thus takes an additional slot away from other classroom courses. Choose the thesis option only if you are truly excited about a particular topic and want to take a deep dive into research and writing about it.

Capstone Projects

Full guidelines on the four options for capstone projects to complete your degree: a creative work, an internship, a portfolio of your work in the degree program, or a research project. The synthesizing essay option is for students who entered the program prior to summer 2019 only.

Thesis Information

Description and guide to the process of writing a thesis. Liberal Arts Studies students follow the same guidelines for thesis completion and final copy as the rest of the Graduate School.

Intent to Graduate

Congratulations on nearing your graduation! Please refer to the appropriate checklist and forms.

Important Dates

Final work must be completed in a timely manner following the mandatory dates for graduation. See the full list of dates to keep in mind as you start the final phase of your program.