Like all thirteen American colonies of England, North Carolina’s development was never straightforward or easy. From early confusion over boundaries and property lines, to the influx of a wide variety of racial and ethnic cultures, slavery, war, the struggle for settlement and civic stability, North Carolina’s history is a fascinating, complex, and often troubling story.

This daylong course will move quickly across many different chapters of this history. Beginning with how North Carolina was similar and distinctive compared to other colonies, the course will explore varied episodes of the state’s narrative. The upheaval of Revolution particularly for the peaceful Moravian settlers, the shock for soldiers from northern colonies coming to the state to fight in the Revolution and seeing slavery of Africans firsthand, and the determination of educated clergy to establish lasting institutions such as Wake Forest College, all are intriguing stories in themselves.
We will examine primary documents: letters of soldiers, detailed reports of the Moravians, and letters and diaries of the Wait and Merriam families in contemplating a college in a slave-holding state. With ample time for questions, we will have a full and absorbing day.
Speakers include:
Jake Ruddiman, Wake Forest University Associate Professor of History
Mary Tribble (’82, MA ’19), Wake Forest University Associate Vice President and Senior Advisor for Engagement Strategies
The day includes morning snack, *lunch, and the expertise of Wake Forest University Faculty.

*A variety of box lunches, including vegetarian options, will be served for lunch.

Please note the Historical Museum’s COVID regulations:
At this time, all individuals must wear face masks regardless of vaccination status.
This lecture will be presented in a large, open room with chairs kept at approximately 3 feet apart in keeping with the CDC’s suggested distancing.  We will continue to monitor the COVID forecast and make any necessary updates to the masking policy as needed.


Date: October 9 , 2021
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Location: Wake Forest Historical Museum, 414 N. Main Street,
Wake Forest, NC 27587
Course fee $125

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