Liberal Arts Studies is an interdisciplinary program intended for college graduates who want to continue expanding their knowledge. There are no academic prerequisites for admission other than holding a bachelor’s degree. Some students want to do more work in the field of their college major or minor; some go in a new direction and delve into areas that they did not get to study in college.

Most students want this master’s degree in order to grow in their capacity for leadership through practices critical to the liberal arts:

  • be reading texts and analyzing data in depth; 
  • have keen observation and description; 
  • engage in deliberative conversation;
  • have force and clarity of writing; 
  • learn effective public presentation; 
  • and have persistent curiosity about our world. 

Students range widely in age, life experience, and interests. They have in common their exceptionally high motivation to explore and learn. 

Proposals are accepted on a rolling basis, but please know that we announce to students the courses to be taught in a particular term well in advance. Proposals are welcome from all fields in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.