The novel coronavirus and COVID-19 has brought modern relevance and focus to the public health issues that arise during a global pandemic. Now, more than ever we need scientists, lawyers, and public health experts to work together to navigate the pressing health and economic issues that are defining this unprecedented moment in history.

Isolated by the Law

Isolated By The Law focuses on domestic and international public health policy during the global coronavirus pandemic. The legal and ethical issues of current social and economic restrictions are also discussed.

The National Security Implications of COVID-19

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Brown Bag Lunch with Shane Harris (’98), Intelligence and National Security Reporter for The Washington Post “The National Security Implications of COVID-19”

From the earliest signs of an outbreak in China, U.S. Intelligence agencies were warning American policymakers about a possible pandemic, and advising that Chinese leaders were not speaking honestly about the true scale of the problem. Now the virus has spread into a pandemic, and the U.S. relationship with China may be altered in fundamental, possibly destabilizing ways. And though the virus was no secret, the U.S. government and some states were slow to respond to the threat, raising serious concerns about our preparedness for this and future pandemics.

Shane Harris (’98) Intelligence and National Security Reporter for The Washington Post will examine the national security and foreign policy implications of the pandemic, and how they are likely to influence the 2020 election.

Where do We Go From Here?

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Brown Bag Lunch with Wake Forest Trustee Donna Edwards (’80), columnist for The Washington Post and former U.S. Congresswoman; and Jack Kalavritinos (’85), senior director and public affairs and health communications expert for APCO Worldwide “Healthcare, Health Policy, and a Global Pandemic – Where do We Go From Here?”

How is it that we find ourselves in the middle of a global pandemic?  Were we woefully unprepared for this or have we done some things right? How do we prepare for the next pandemic and what roles do the government, communities, employers and individuals play in this preparation and what has this pandemic taught us about our gaps and public health failings and disparities? Where can we find hope and see room for positive change and bipartisan support to improve our systems and prepare us for what comes next?

Are You Ready to Lead in a Crisis?

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Dr. Nicks shares his real-time healthcare leadership experiences during a pandemic and frontline stories from the ER including challenges with COVID-19 testing, burn-out, and financial impact within healthcare facilities. Join the conversation on leadership lessons learned from Dr. Bret Nicks, Chief Medical Officer of Wake Forest Baptist Health Davie and Program Director of our Master’s in Healthcare Leadership – interviewed by Jessica DaMassa, What’s the Future, Health, Executive Producer & Host.

Managing Anxiety During Trying Times: Advice from A Wake Forest Expert

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Amongst the separation and sheltering and physical distancing from the global pandemic, we humans have been collectively experiencing unusual commonality of symptoms – on a scale unlike any other time in history. Join Dr. James Raper, psychotherapist and Assistant Vice President for Health & Wellbeing at Wake Forest University in an exploration of the psychological factors at play in our responses to the COVID-19 crisis, creative and accessible approaches towards facilitating our own growth and healing, and some behind-the-scenes discussion of how the Wake Forest University community has pulled together to support one another in recent months

Researching Your Ancestry & Family Tree Online: Advice from Wake Forest & Forsyth Library Experts

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Looking for meaningful activities to do at home? Exploring your family’s history – their stories and where you come from – can be exciting, fascinating, and occasionally frustrating. Our experts, Tanya and Karen, share the tips and tools of the trade as you chart your own path. Tanya will introduce participants to strategies on family recordkeeping and how to get started in collecting and organizing research information. Karen will review techniques in identifying and locating local records and will focus on how to use the many databases and other online resources that are available remotely.

A Conversation About the Wake Forest Slavery, Race, and Memory Project

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This interactive and meaningful discussion on the Slavery, Race, and Memory project is part of our larger institutional effort to illuminate our history, address our present, and reaffirm our commitments for the future.The Slavery, Race, and Memory Project has worked with students, faculty, staff, trustees, alumni and community members on the Reynolda campus and on the original campus in Wake Forest, N.C., to reflect on all aspects of our history, but especially those aspects that have not regularly been shared.